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Thank you to one of our sponsors: Realty USA

Sponsor Thank yous

We would just like to take a moment and thank Realty USA for their support in helping to sponsor the City of The Hills Arts Festival on September 19, 2015. We appreciate the commitment and support towards local, non-profit organizations like ours. Support from sponsors is incredibly important to make events like this possible. We appreciate any and all contributions. Realty USA and their decision to sponsor the event this year is terrific and exciting. We hope you’ll join us in thanking them for its sponsorship.

For more information on this years event and how you can become a part, please visit: or go to:

Thank you again, Realty USA!

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Additional Art/Craft Opportunity!

September’s exhibition at the Wilber Mansion will feature small works (art & fine craft) priced $250 and under.

As a bonus to participating in the City of the Hills Festival, all COH vendors are given one free 2X2 space (wall space or pedestal) to exhibit their artwork and/or handcrafted items that will for sale in the gallery from September 4th-20th.  All items must be dropped off the week before September 4th.  Work (unless purchased) must remain on the wall during COH.

All work represented must be for sale, priced under $250 and be made by the artist/vendor.  Exhibitors must provide frames, display cases, etc.  We are only providing the space.

This show is unjuried and everyone is invited throughout the community to showcase their art & fine craft, on a first come, first accepted basis.  The 2X2 spaces will cost $15 for everyone (excluding COH vendors).  COH vendors who wish to showcase their work in more than one 2X2 space will pay a $15 fee for every extra space.

There will be a September 4th opening and someone will staff the gallery during COH so that items inside the mansion can be sold.  CANO will receive a 30% commission on any and all items sold within the mansion during September.